Get active and run 400km this summer

Love getting your heart racing running? Then why not set yourself a long-term challenge to complete 400,000 metres running this summer. It might sound like a long-way, however break it down and it’s just 3,250 metres (about 2 miles) per day.

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Event status

: Wokingham Active Hub
: Run 400km | Summer 2021
: 3,600,000m
: 01 Jun 21 - 30 Sep 21 = 122 days = 29,509m/day
: run
: solo
: 400,000m
: 3,206,559.36m (89.07%)
: 3,600,000m (100%)
: BEHIND 393,440.64m (10.93%)
: 393,440.64m in 0day = 0m/day

About the challenge
  • With multiple lockdowns over the past 18 months, there couldn't be a better time set yourself a goal to get out and get active.
  • This challenge is simple – simply pledge to run 400,000 metres between 1st June and end of September.
  • Through our automated link to Strava & Fitbit you’re able to track your progress to keep ahead of your target throughout the summer months.
Some instructions to get you started

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler:

  • Select ‘Join Event’ above.
  • If you don’t have an account, register your details.
  • When prompted create a link with your Strava or Fitbit account.
  • Then simply get outside and start running.
Automatically sync your activities

To make tracking your progress easy, you can link your account directly to your fitness tracker:

  • To set-up your connection now click here.
  • There are two fitness apps to choose from; either Strava or Fitbit.
  • However, if you use Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Health or Polar you can set-up a direct link via Strava which then feeds into your challenge.
  • If you don't have a fitness tracker then don't worry, you are able add a manual entry. Simply click here
Your Privacy - Our Top Tip

Did you know you can set a Privacy Zone in Strava to hide your start & end location?

Visit to set-up your own zone today.

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