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Taking on the Million Metre Challenge as an individual isn’t as daunting as it might sound. Irrelevant of your pace it is all about planning - whether doing it over one year or just a few months it needs a plan.

Partner with the Million Metre Challenge

Whether our partners are focused on improving school children’s health, helping combat a specific disease or improve mental health we are capable of designing and executing a mutually beneficial campaign to achieve your objectives

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Corporate Wellness

Whether an event of 4 or 4,000 employees the Million Metre Team Challenge is an out of the box solution to immediately get your business moving. Through the world’s leading fitness syndication platform everyone can get involved and support the team, whether walking those metres or cycling the pyrenees mountains. Learn more

Charity Support

The Million Metre Challenge is the perfect platform to launch a bespoke charity challenge - whether that be one million metres or 40 million metres around the world. With our unique structure built around communities, teams and individuals everyone plays their part in raising awareness for your charity. The system is built to cater for any sport measurable in metres - whether that be running, cycling, swimming, walking and many more.

Charities are all eligible for a special rate to maximise awareness and fundraising

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Schools Programme

Want to go beyond the active mile, activate a mini sports day daily and help increase the number of children leaving school healthy? The Million Metre Challenge has a dedicated out of the box programmes across KS1 & KS2 (UK) to stimulate every child's participation in physical activity.

Schools PTA

The Million Metre Challenge is able to help deliver either a short burst or long-term charitable challenge to help raise awareness of your objectives and increase your school community donations. Whether a 1-day cycle challenge or termly walk-to-school sponsorship our solution can be tailored to deliver.

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