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Our Mission:

To improve the long-term wellbeing of 1,000,000 people

The Million Metre Challenge is a social enterprise focused on benefiting the whole community who seek to improve their personal fitness, personal well-being and personal discipline.

How it works:

The majority of virtual challenges use the ‘honour’ system in which users send in a photo of their activity or input a manual update! The Million Metre system uses ‘real’ data gathered and verified from the world’s leading fitness apps - Strava, Garmin, Concept2 and many more.

This 'real' data means you can review you progress live at any point on your personalised dashboard'

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Get Involved:

Whether an individual, charity, company, PTA or school we have a solution to support your objectives.

The MMC Team:

We’re a small team focused on the mission; our time is spent building a solution which will enable one individual or hundreds of employees to improve their wellbeing. Want to know more about us?

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The MMC Blog:

Since the inception of the Million Metre Challenge it is clear from participant feedback of the powerful impact this simple but long-term challenge can have. To help highlight some of the amazing stories why not grab a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy a few of the inspiring stories.

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