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Can I participate in multiple sports in one challenge?

Yes, when you set-up your challenge you simply select the activities you want to track in the challenge. If it's not listed just select 'Other'

If I select advanced in the challenge set-up and split my challenges by a %; then complete one of the activities, will the metres in this activity stop being added up?

No, the % splits are there to provide you with a guide only. Metres will continue to be logged into your challenge even if you surpass your specific activity.

Can I have multiple challenges running at the same time?

Yes, you can have as many challenges as you'd like however long or short. However, you cannot have mutliple challenges if it's linked to an event.

Can I extend the end date of my challenge once I've started?

Of course, if you wish to make the challenge longer or shorter at any time, you can always adapt your challenge to what you want.

If I have multiple challenges running at the same time, do my activities update all challenges?

Yes, all challenges will be updated.

Activity Data

How does my activity data update on my challenge?

The data is automatically pulled from either a connectted fitness app which you link or simply from manual entries you submit

My activity data isn't updating on my challenge, what shall I do?

Was your activity logged on your fitness app? If not, then you will need to log the activity manually into your challenge

If YES, ensure your Million Metre Challenge account is connected to either your Strava or Fitbit app, if it isn't, you will need to check your connection by selecting;


This will reconnect your fitness app and your Million Metre Challenge account together

If the data is still missing, drop the Million Metre Challenge team an email and we'll look into it for you

What does the Million Metre Challenge team do with my personal and activity data?

Please see our PRIVACY POLICY for the full details, you can find this at the bottom of every page

Fitness App Connection

How do I track and log my activity metres?

Simply click 'Add NEW manual activity' from the homepage quick links

Do I need a fitness tracking app to join the Million Metre Challenge?

No, you can enter all your activities manually, but we do suggest downloading Strava or Fitbit to track all activities as this will automatically feed into your Million Metre Challenge, hassle free

How do I enter my activity data in manually?

Simply click 'Add NEW manual activity' from the homepage quick links

I don't own a Strava or Fitbit account but another fitness tracking app, can I use those?

There are some amazing tracking apps out there from Apple Health, Peloton, Concept2, Samsung Health and Garmin, but the Million Metre Challenge requires a Strava or Fitbit account to measure distance

However, the other tracking apps can be linked to your Strava or Fitbit account, then linked to your Million Metre Challenge, then all data from those apps will be pulled through

Do I need to purchase/upgrade my Strava or Fitbit account?

No, the free account is enough to support the Million Metre Challenge and track your progress

How do I link my Strava or Fitbit app to my Million Metre Challenge account?

When you create a Million Metre Challenge account, simply click on the Strava or Fitbit logo then select 'Authorise' and login to your account.

Once logged in, a secure link has been made and your tracked activities will sync with your Million Metre Challenge account.

If you think your connection hasn't worked, simply click on your name and select the fitness app name to re-connect.

How do I link my Apple Health data to my Strava / Fitbit account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Apple Health data

Login into your Strava account and visit your profile. From there you'll be able to link your Apple Health directly with Strava.

How do I link my Samsung Health data to my Strava / Fitbit account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Samsung Health data

From the main screen of the Samsung Health app, select More > Settings > General > Connected Services.

How do I link my Garmin data to my Strava / Fitbit account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Garmin data

From your Garmin Connect account go to Settings > Partner Apps > Strava. Accept the 'Upload your activities from Garmin Connect to Strava' permission when authorizing accounts. Disabling this permission will prevent past and future activity sync.

How do I link my Peloton data to my Strava / Fitbit account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Peleton data

Sign into your Peloton account on the bike. Tap the three dots in the bottom right of the screen. From the left navigation menu, select Social > Strava > Connected. Enter the email and password attached to your Strava account. Accept the permissions. Specifically, you’ll need to allow Peloton to Upload activities to your profile in order for activities to sync to Strava automatically. Keep in mind, only future activities will be automatically uploaded to your Strava after you enable auto-post.

How do I link Concept2 data to my Strava / Fitbit account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Concept2 data

In your Concept2 Logbook, click on the profile icon on the top right and select Edit Profile. Click on the Applications tab. Click on Connect To Strava in the Strava section. If you're not currently logged into Strava on that computer, you'll be asked to enter your Strava credentials. You'll see a webpage asking you to authorize the Concept2 Logbook to connect to your Strava account.

How do I track and log my metres?

The easiest way to track your activities is to use a compatible fitness app (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Peloton, Apple Health, Concept2, Samsung Health); by creating a link your activities will be automatically pulled into your Million Metre Challenge account

I have historic activities I want to add to my challenge, but they are not showing on my challenge?

The Million Metre Challenge website pulls the last full month of data from Strava or Fitbit initially. To pull historical data select;



Who can take part in the Million Metre Challenge?

The Million Metre Challenge is for everyone and anyone, it is free for all individuals to take part in, just set your target, get active and watch as you achieve your goal

Why should I take part in the Million Metre Challenge?

The challenge has been designed to improve long-term personal fitness, mental strength and self-discipline

Is the Million Metre Challenge free to use?

Yes, it is free for individuals who can set-up their own challenges and teams to help motivate each other.

For those wanting to set-up multi-team challenges with work colleagues, school classes or for charity events, drop the Million Metre Challenge team an email or GET A QUOTE to discuss how we can support you with your challenge and the costs associated

What sports can I do?

Walking, Running, Cycling, Rowing & Swimming are the default sports - the system will convert miles & kilometres into metres automatically. If you want additional activity types included simply Contact the MMC Team

Can children participate in the Million Metre Challenge?

Yes, we ask that children under 16 receive parental consent before taking part in the challenge

Can charities get involved in the Million Metre Challenge?

Yes, the Million Metre Challenge was built around supporting charities. To talk to the MMC team about your charity requirements contact us at info@millionmetre.com

Can schools get involved in the Million Metre Challenge?

The MMC team have created mutli-programmes to support both KS1 & KS2 age groups helping young children take part in daily exercise. To talk to the MMC team about developing a Million Metre Challenge for your school, contact us at info@millionmetre.com


What personal data of mine is the leadboard using?

The leaderboard shows all the activity data from your fitness apps or manual entries and all other Million Metre Challenge participants, a virtual leaderboard of all your hard work


Can I share my activities on Facebook?

Yes, simply click on the share button on your challenge or activity to post onto your own social channels

Team Challenge

How do I create a team challenge?

When creating a new challenge, simply change the CHALLENGE TYPE to TEAM and start creating your team challenge

How many people can be in a team challenge?

The maximum number of people that can join a team challenge is 15

How do I invite people to join my team?

When a team challenge is created, invite others to join by selecting 'Invite Members'. Simply copy the text and send these details to your challenge teams mates.

Can I set-up multiple teams to compete together?

Absolutely, this is accessible through our Partner Events function. To talk to the MMC team about setting up a personalised multi-team challenge contact us here

User Set-up

I haven't received my verification email from the Million Metre Challenge

Please check your junk email folder; if you cannot find it please email info@millionmetre.com

Can I change my password after i've set up my account?

Yes, to reset your password, select Profile > Change Password

We'll send you an email with a unique security code to ensure we keep your data safe

Can I change my user name?

Yes, to change your username select Profile > Change Username

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