Run a Corporate Wellbeing Event

Whether a team of 4 or 4,000 the Million Metre Team Challenge is an out of the box solution set-up to immediately get your business moving. Through the world’s leading fitness syndication platform everyone can get involved and support the team, whether walking those metres or cycling the pyrenees mountains.

Get a team involved, nail the challenge and watch individual team members upgrade to their own Million Metre Challenge.

All corporate events can be tailored to your specific needs; here are just a few formats the MMC can host:

  • Fixed team distance (colleagues come together to chase down a target together)
  • Team Pledge (teams pledge their own distance over a timeframe)
  • Time Based (promote 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • Implement a highly competitive for your keenest sports colleagues

With pricing based on 'active' users you only pay for those who get involved; as a guide all our events hit +90% engagement rate for those individuals who sign-up.

  • Has your workforce got fitter over the period
  • When do they exercise the most
  • Are they doing more
  • Have they moved on from walking to running

We'll host your personalised challenge

Designed to maximise employee engagement, the MMC team will ensure that participants know what to do, how to do it and how to track their progress.

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Your Challenge Dashboard

Whether you're doing the challenge for fun or you're seeking out the competitive spirit of your employees, the challenge dashboard enables everyone to see where their team stands.

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Detailed team analysis

The detailed team overview allows employees taking part in the challenge to see their own team or other participating teams giving them access to their activity details.

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Understand your employee activity trends

Through our aggregration tool we'll present to participants the headlines stats - most active day, most active hour, how long are they exercising are just a few stats available.

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Through our tailored privacy structure we're able to limit the amount of data shown to participants. Through the set-up phase your MMC launch manager will talk through the options available

Want to host your own event? If so, contact the team at

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