Get active and cycle 1000km this summer

Enjoy cycling to work, clocking up distance on the open road or exploring forest trails? Then why not set yourself a long-term challenge to complete 1,000,000 metres cycling this summer. It might sound like a long-way, however break it down and it’s just over 8,000 metres (about 5 miles) per day.

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Event status

: Wokingham Active Hub
: Cycle 1000km | Summer 2021
: 4,000,000m
: 01 Jun 21 - 30 Sep 21 = 122 days = 32,787m/day
: cycle
: solo
: 1,000,000m
: 1,671,623.58m (41.79%)
: 4,000,001m (100%)
: BEHIND 2,328,377.42m (58.21%)
: 2,328,376.42m in 0day = 0m/day

About the challenge
  • With multiple lockdowns over the past 18 months, there couldn't be a better time set yourself a goal to get out and get active.
  • This challenge is simple – simply pledge to cycle 1,000,000 metres between between 1st June and end of September.
  • Through our automated link to Strava & Fitbit you’re able to track your progress to keep ahead of your target throughout the summer months.
Some instructions to get you started

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler:

  • Select ‘Join Event’ above.
  • If you don’t have an account, register your details.
  • When prompted create a link with your Strava or Fitbit account.
  • Then simply get outside or on your exercise bike and start cycling.
Automatically sync your activities

To make tracking your progress easy, you can link your account directly to your fitness tracker:

  • To set-up your connection now click here.
  • There are two fitness apps to choose from; either Strava or Fitbit.
  • However, if you use Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Health or Polar you can set-up a direct link via Strava which then feeds into your challenge.
  • If you don't have a fitness tracker then don't worry, you are able add a manual entry. Simply click here
Your Privacy - Our Top Tip

Did you know you can set a Privacy Zone in Strava to hide your start & end location?

Visit to set-up your own zone today.

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