The 1874 Challenge

Stags have teamed up with the Million Metre Challenge (MMC) for ‘The 1874 Challenge’, to complete 1,874,000 metres in 8 weeks.

Our teams have dusted down their running shoes, dubbin the walking boots, oiled the bike chains, taken the washing off the Concept 2 machine, stretched to our toes and we’re off!

Exercising every day to meet our target!

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Event status

walk run cycle swim row
: Stags
: The 1874 Challenge
: 26,236,000m
: 26 Mar 21 - 21 May 21 = 57 days = 460,281m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row
: team
: 1,874,000m
: 28,905,992.96m (110.18%)
: 26,236,000m (100%)
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Auto-sync your fitness app to the challenge

Rather than enter manual entries, link your activities to the your MMC account.

Visit your profile to make the connection to Strava and/or Fitbit

If you use an alternative app, check out our FAQ's to create a link via your Strava account.

Check out the FAQ's above or if you can't find your answer, email the MMC team directly at
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