All Teams 1 Million Metre Challenge
Members and associates of Okehampton Hockey Club are challenged to complete 1 million metres in 8 weeks in teams of 6. Designed to bring people back together to improve fitness and well-being but also to raise well needed funds and awareness for Okehampton Hockey Club and Sarcoma UK.
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Event status

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: Okehampton Hockey Club Events Hub
: All Teams 1 Million Metre Challenge
: 10,000,000m
: 07 May 21 - 02 Jul 21 = 57 days = 175,439m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row, other
: team
: 13,676,363.08m (136.76%)
: 10,000,000m (100%)
The Rules
  • Maximum members per team will be 6; your team can have less
  • All teams will be uploaded by the MMC team, no need to register yourself prior to the challenge start date
  • All participants will need to link their account to Strava or Fitbit (Strava provides the opportunity to link additional fitness apps; see the FAQ’s for more details on the compatible apps)
  • If participants do not have Strava or Fitbit, manual entries are possible, you will find this option in your dashboard of your team challenge
  • Cycling will be factored down by half to be fair and in line with running. However, the 'true' distance will be logged against your personal records
  • Start date; Friday 7th May
  • Duration of challenge; 8 weeks
  • End date: Friday 2nd July
Sync your activities

Rather than enter manual entries, link your activities to the your MMC account.

Visit your profile to make the connection to Strava and/or Fitbit

If you use an alternative app, check out our FAQ's to create a link via your Strava account.

Any questions or need support, check out the FAQ's at the top of the page or email MMC directly at


If you have any questions or need support regarding anything to do with the platform or challenge;

  • Check out our FAQ's at the top of the page

  • Or, email us directly at

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