The challenge is simple – assemble a team of runners within your company to achieve One Million Metres together in April then watch yourself climb the leader board to be crowned the winners of the Lockup and Get Out corporate team run challenge!

The prize at the end is the simple but ecstatic feeling of achieving something together as one team and if at the top of the leader board the satisfaction of being crowned the first ‘Lock-Up & Get Out Run a Million champions.

Using the new MMC platform all teams members will be linked and each have their personal link to their fitness app ensuring that all activities are authenticated – manual entries will NOT be allowed within this event.

To submit your team, simply hit the Join Event button, create your challenge, add your company logo and send the unique link to your running team mates.

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  • This event has ended.
Event status

: Million Metre Challenge
: Lock Up & Get Out Corporate Team Run
: 9,000,000m
: 01 Apr 21 - 30 Apr 21 = 30 days = 300,000m/day
: run
: team
: 1,000,000m
: 10,321,782.07m (114.69%)
: 9,000,000m (100%)
  • Maximum members per team will be 8; your team can have less
  • All participants will need to register with the Million Metre challenge and link their account to Strava or Fitbit (Strava provides the opportunity to link additional fitness apps; see the FAQ’s for more details on the compatible apps)
  • All participants to be from the same company
  • Companies can enter up to TWO teams
  • Only running activities will be included within the event
  • As this event will have a competitive edge to it, only authorised activities completed through your fitness app will be used – manual entries will not be included in the team totals
  • Please ensure that all activities start & stop promptly – admin hold the right to delete those activities which demonstrate the activity was not stopped. If users see an entry which looks suspicious please email
  • One member of your company should register first with the Million Metre Challenge then select ‘Join Event’. This person will be the designated Team Captain.
  • Team captain to include their company name in the Challenge title and upload the team company logo
  • Team captain to share the join team instructions once set-up and share with the team members
  • Each team member will need to create a link to their chosen fitness app accessible via the homepage or personal profile.
Auto-Sync your fitness app to the challenge
  • Due to the slightly competitive nature of this challenge, all team members will be required to set-up a link to their fitness app
  • There are two fitness apps to choose from; either Strava or Fitbit
  • However, if you use Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Health or Polar then don’t worry – you can set-up a direct link with Strava which then feeds into your challenge.
  • As mentioned in the rules, only authenticated activities (non-manual) will be allowed within this event.
  • If you have any questions on linking your data, please review the FAQ’s in the first instance.

If you have any questions or need support in setting up your team or automating your activities please:

  • review the FAQ's page
  • or, alternatively email MMC directly at
Host your own multi-team event

Fitness is one of the core foundations to employee wellbeing and is the founding vision of the MMC. The system is geared up to manage 100s of employees at one time to deliver a live event over multiple months. The format of events varies depending on your needs – some examples

  • Split your business up into teams and set an ambitious target per team to achieve together
  • Set one target and let your employees pledge their own distance
  • Open ended distance – just set the timeframe

Thinking of launching an out of the box automated fitness challenge? If so, drop the team at the MMC an email at

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