Let’s be honest – everyone loves a bit of competitiveness between companies! The prestige to see who can get to the finish line first is a special moment for any company.

The Million Metre team are hosting their first corporate virtual challenge using their latest mutli-team technology enabling teams to track their live status against their competition.

From 1st April teams will have 30 days to hit the magic million target!

Oh, and the real magic is there are no spreadsheets in sight, simply register your team, create your connection to your fitness apps and watch your team climb up the leaderboard.

Click on the 'Join Event' button below to get your team involved

Lock Up & Get Out Corporate Team Run
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  • This event has ended.

Event status

: 9,000,000m
: 01 Apr 21 - 30 Apr 21 = 30 days
: run
: team
: 1,000,000m
: 10,321,782.07m (114.69%)
: 9,000,000m (100%)

The Million Metre Challenge is a social enterprise focused on benefiting the whole community who seek to improve their personal fitness, personal well-being and personal discipline.

Strava, MyFitnessPal, etc. all have their own challenges. We sit outside of this. We are independent and bring everyone together regardless of what fitness apps they use to compete as one community. This provides a unique opportunity to host multi-team events irrelevant of an individuals preferred fitness app.

As a Community Interest Company, we have an ingrained focus on helping others, surplus profits will be used to increase our reach into schools and support individuals on their journey. It is our mission to improve the long-term wellbeing of 1,000,000 people.

Thinking of launching an out of the box automated fitness challenge in your business? If so, drop the MMC team an email at

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