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To honour the 25-year milestone, CRY has partnered with the Million Metre Challenge (founded by CRY supporter and former myheart member Tony Eames), to launch our ’25 Million Metre Challenge’.

This is a virtual challenge with a difference! Rather than heading out alone we want you to help us achieve 25 Million Metres from 1st February to 2nd May together!

And DON'T WORRY, there aren't any excel spreadsheets to fill out. Simply link to Strava or Fitbit to automatically sync all of your data straight into your challenge. Check out the FAQ's to link to your other fitness apps - we've got the majority covered.

You’ll set-up your own challenge, set your own inspiring target and help CRY clock up the metres together with all its supporters and fundraisers - whether that be walking, running, cycling, rowing or swimming - it all counts

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Event status

walk run cycle swim row
: Cardiac Risk in the Young
: 25 Million Metre Challenge
: 50,000,000m
: 44,767,963.3m
: 01 Feb 21 - 02 May 21 = 91 days = 549,451m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row
: solo, team
: 47,369,040.25m (94.74%)
: 50,000,000m (100%)
: BEHIND 2,630,959.75m (5.26%)
: 2,630,959.75m in 0day = 0m/day

Get involved today and set-up your team

Getting involved couldn’t be easier; simply click Join Challenge or the button above and build your challenge.

When building your challenge consider the following:

  • Do you want to do individually or as a team? Maybe your family, football team or walking group
  • How many metres do you want to do? 2km per day is a great benchmark. The higher the target the quicker we’ll get to our 25 Million!

If you’re setting up a team challenge, simply invite them with a unique code (provided after your challenge is created) ensuring only they can join your team.

Should you have questions along the way, check out the FAQ’s, drop a note on the CRY Facebook page or email

Need some inspiration?

We appreciate that not everybody will feel like an athlete or may have never taken part in a competitive event before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! There are many ways to help CRY reach its target with even a daily stroll contributing to the total. To give you some inspiration, please find some ideas below:

  • Set a single distance to achieve between now and 2nd May – try 2km per day per team member. Maybe get your local football team involved, work colleagues or extended family.
  • Use your daily exercise time during lockdown to help add to CRY’s total! - Lockdown Exercise
  • Take your dog, or your bubble for a walk! Why not investigate new walking routes in your local area - Find a walk
  • Leave the car at home and cycle to the local shops or even commute to work. Find your local cycle routes here - Bike map
  • Why not get into running with the couch to 5k training programme - Couch to 5k
  • When it is permitted again go and swim in your local pool (one for those with a fitness tracker, rather than their phone!) - Pool finder
  • Take part in an organised virtual run or train for an event for when the lockdown lifts – even though this might seem like another event, this can all still contribute to CRY’s challenge too! To see the current list of events CRY is promoting visit - CRY Events
Auto-Sync your fitness app to the challenge

Rather than enter manual entries, link your activities to the your MMC account.

Visit your profile to make the connection to Strava and/or Fitbit

If you use an alternative app, check out our FAQ's to create a link via your Strava account.

Turn metres into funds

We would also like to encourage you to raise funds through sponsorship during your challenge to help raise vital funds for CRY. We have set the event up on three major fundraising platforms to help make this as easy as possible. Please feel free to choose your preferred method:

Please note that if you choose to raise funds on Facebook, it is very important that you send us the link to your page once it is set up, and also edit your page details to include the title of the event as this will mean we can allocate any funds raised towards your participation in the event.

We are also on hand to help you with any issues you may have in setting up your page. To get help or to send your Facebook fundraising link please email or call 01737 363 222 and the CRY fundraising team will be pleased to help.

For those that would like to make a direct donation to CRY, please go to


Be proud of your distance and share onto your social media!

Your Privacy - Our Top Tip

Did you know you can set a Privacy Zone in Strava to hide your start & end location?

Visit to set-up your own zone today.

By taking part in the challenge the Million Metre Challenge will share your details with CRY

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