721 Million Metre Challenge

From the 1st May the 721 Challenge Team need your help! We want as many people as possible to join us in the race against climate change, and we need you to help us reach our target of traveling 72.1 million metres! You can travel however you choose, whether you decide to run, cycle, walk, row, or a combination. Team up or go solo, and set the distance you want to contribute to our target. If you want you can set a deadline to.

Life is too short to spend sitting around, so we’re encouraging people to get exercising for their personal and mental health, but it’s not just people who need to stay healthy, it’s our planet too. That’s why the 721 Million Metre Challenge is in aid of World Land Trust conservation charity. Saving primary rainforest is one of the most important things we can do to combat climate change, and the World Land Trust protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. If you want to help us do something about climate change set your distance and get involved!

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walk run cycle swim row other
: 721 Challenge
: 721 Million Metre Challenge
: 72,100,000m
: 70,236,077m
: 01 May 21 - 30 Jun 21 = 61 days = 1,181,968m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row, other
: solo, team
: 75,329,425.2m (104.48%)
: 72,100,000m (100%)
Get involved today and set up your challenge

Getting involved couldn’t be easier, simply click 'Join Event' and build your bespoke challenge! Consider whether you want to take part individually or as a team, maybe you can team up with your family, football team or walking group. Then all that’s left to decide is how many metres you want to do. 2km per day is a great benchmark. The higher the target the quicker we’ll get to our 72.1 million!

You can complete the distance however you choose, run, cycle, walk, swim, row or a combination. If you have questions along the way, check out the FAQ’s, drop a note on the 721 Facebook page or email

What is the 721 Challenge?

Nick Hollis is an international mountaineer who's seen our impact on the natural world first-hand. He's set a world record attempt to promote environmental responsibility and raise funds for the conservation of our planet's most precious resource: its rainforests. that’s where 721 Challenge comes in. To complete the 721 Challenge Nick will climb the Seven Summits, ski the North and South Poles and row the Atlantic Ocean in world record speed.

But big changes need a team effort, and that’s where you come in. 721 Million Metre Challenge is about getting as many people as possible involved in the effort for conservation. Together we can make a difference.

Need some inspiration?

We appreciate that not everybody will feel like an athlete or may have never taken part in a competitive event before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved! There are many ways to help Nick and the 721 team reach its target with even a daily stroll contributing to the total. To give you some inspiration, please find some ideas below:

  • Organise a colleague team event and jointly get out doors to get active and build team spirit; infact why not enter multiple teams for a bit of internal competition.
  • Set a single distance to achieve from the 1st May – try 2km per day per team member. Maybe get your local football team involved, work colleagues or extended family.
  • Why not investigate new walking routes in your local area - Find a walk
  • Leave the car at home and cycle to the local shops or even commute to work. Find your local cycle routes here - Bike map
  • Why not get into running with the couch to 5k training programme - Couch to 5k
  • Take part in an organised virtual run or train for an event – even though this might seem like another event, this can all still contribute to the 72.1 million metre target we've set!

Turn metres into rainforest

We would also like to encourage you to raise funds through sponsorship during your challenge to help raise vital funds for World Land Trust. Saving primary rainforest is one of the most important things we can do to combat climate change, and the World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. Learn more about the charity here.

We have set the event up on JustGiving to help make this as easy as possible. Just click on the button below to set up your page.

Make life easy and sync with your fitness app

Rather than entering your distances manually, you can automatically link your activities to your MMC account.

  • There are two fitness apps to choose from; either Strava or Fitbit
  • However, if you use Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Health or Polar then don’t worry – you can set-up a direct link with Strava which then feeds into your challenge.
  • If you forget to track your activitiy you can simply add via the 'manual entry' function available on your dashboard page
  • If you have any questions on linking your data, please review the FAQ’s in the first instance or contact the MMC team directly at

Shout it loud and proud!

Be proud of your distance and share your progress on your social media channels! Make sure to include a link to your fundraising page, and not only will you be helping raise funds to protect the rainforest, you’ll be spreading awareness of conservation too.

Get your friends involved

Why not Tag THREE friends on a social post to get them involved in the challenge. Include our 721 template image which you can be downloaded from our Facebook Page

To share our social images, click on the share button at the top right of the page.

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