Service Innovation Group – 15 Million Metre Challenge : Spring 2021
Service Innovation Group and the Million Metre Challenge have partnered in aid of NHS Charities together to launch our virtual Service Innovation Group – 15 Million Metre Challenge : Spring 2021 company challenge. Between 1st April and 1st July working as one big team, we will be pushing to cover over 15 Million Metres in total across everyone in our business. You can walk, run, swim, cycle or row your way to your own personal achievable set target which will contribute to the overall company goal of achieving 15 million metres - in three months.
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walk run cycle swim row
: Service Innovation Group
: 15 Million Metre Challenge : Spring 2021
: 15,000,000m
: 11,966,074m
: 01 Apr 21 - 01 Jul 21 = 92 days = 163,044m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row
: solo, team
: 10,079,545.13m (67.2%)
: 15,000,000m (100%)
: BEHIND 4,920,454.87m (32.8%)
: 4,920,454.87m in 0day = 0m/day

Our Fundraising - turn metres into funds for NHS Charities Together

We have all been touched in some way by COVID over the last year, some in more ways than others. Raising money as part of this challenge for NHS Charities together gives us all an opportunity to give back.

We have a specific Service Innovation Group JustGiving page which enables anyone supporting your personal challenge to donate to the wider company goal, or you can choose to donate directly to NHS Charities together should you wish to do so.

Please share the links below with family and friends as part of your challenge and share on your social pages!

Just Giving

NHS Charities Together

Share the success!

We will be giving regular updates through our company Facebook and LinkedIn, on how we are doing during the challenge and we encourage you to share your photos and achievements and any external links to your socials so we can shout about reaching our goals at a team!



Auto-Sync your fitness app to the challenge

With no cost, admin or excel spreadsheets to fill out - your Strava and Fitbit accounts sync directly with your million metre account, so it’s no additional effort to get be challenge ready on the 1st April.

Rather than enter manual entries, link your activities to the your MMC account.

Visit your profile to make the connection to Strava and/or Fitbit

If you use an alternative app, check out our FAQ's to create a link via your Strava account.

Your Privacy - Our Top Tip

Did you know you can set a Privacy Zone in Strava to hide your start & end location?

Visit to set-up your own zone today.

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