The Concrete 1,000,000m Challenge

We’re going ahead with the Million Metre Challenge! It will be a Concrete-wide competition that will pit five teams against each other in this mean mammoth million metre marathon to move your bloomin arse!

We're giving ourselves just 9 weeks to log in those steps/runs/cycles/swims/rows/limps/crawls/hustles/rolls/skips/pub crawls. Will we witness semi-Olympic efforts from the Insane Bolts? Will team SCANDAL cause an upset, or will the Running Jokes make everyone else double over? Will the Red Hot Chilli Steppers burn through the challenge, or will it be team WAMKAZ that creams the competition?

On your Concrete marks, set...

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Event status

walk run cycle swim row
: Concrete
: The Concrete 1,000,000m Challenge
: 5,000,000m
: 12 Mar 21 - 16 May 21 = 66 days = 75,758m/day
: walk, run, cycle, swim, row
: team
: 1,000,000m
: 4,960,452.78m (99.21%)
: 5,000,000m (100%)
: BEHIND 39,547.22m (0.79%)
: 39,547.22m in 0day = 0m/day

Auto-sync your fitness app to the challenge

Rather than enter manual entries, link your activities to the your MMC account.

Visit your profile to make the connection to Strava and/or Fitbit

If you use an alternative app, check out our FAQ's to create a link via your Strava account.

Any questions or need support, check out the FAQ's at the top of the page or alternatively I you can't find your answer, email MMC directly at
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